Steven (gbtusa_01) wrote in computerscience,

Hey guys

I finished the very first low introductory level Networking/Architecture class and the Data Structuers class this past spring semester, and now I'm ready to take on Advanced Data Structures.
I remember this confusing aspect of a C++ program I did in Data Structures. I used NULL, but the compiler complained about NULL not being defined. So, I had to use the header file that was mentioined in the back of the textbook where all the header files are. Why would NULL be undefined WITHOUT the header file included? I remember my professor discussing this, but I forgot.

P.S.-The HARDEST program in Data structures was by far a program that converts an infix expression to a postfix expression. OMGosh that hurt my brain and I didn't even get it right when I submitted it, but oh well. That professor loved playing with his students' minds...he he...
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