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Computer Science

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This community is run by me, pstscrpt. I created it because I was tired of getting no response other than "Wow, that's way over my head." to computer-related posts in my personal journal, and the other communities I see appear to be completely dominated by requests to find bugs in homework code for an introductory programming class.

This community is for discussion of computer science concepts (geekier information systems discussion is okay, at least for now); code should only be posted to illustrate a concept or question about a concept. Discussion of low-level coding style (indention, variable naming, etc.) is okay for now, but if the traffic here gets too high, it will be the first thing to go.

I have a particular interest in data organization, including relational databases, XML, object oriented databases (network databases under a new name, from what I can see), and the ways they relate to each other. Don't take an abundance of my posts on this topic to mean that other things are not welcome.